380Volts mobile Starter


380Volts Motorradstarter mobile - ultimate Startpower

Ultimate mobile Startpower:

- 380Volt mains supply

For all known motorcycles:
- strongly recommended for
Boxercup BMW R1200S
DUCATI Racing 1000ccm


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12Volts mobile Starter


12Volts Motorradstarter mobile - with Onboard Battery

mains supply independent And mobile:
- 12Volts / 80Ah

for motorcycles with chain drive:
1-cylinder, 4-stroke up to 600ccm
2-cylinder, 4-stroke up to 900ccm
all multi-cylinder all 2-stroke

for motorcycles with shaft drive:
1-cylinder, 4-stroke up to 500ccm 2-cylinder, 4-stroke up to 750ccm
all multi-cylinder
all 2-stroke

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